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At the peak of trends are new collections for this year's current season. Premium goods from the official dealer in Italy with our discount
Smart shopping for those who want to save without losing quality. Outlets from €30 and more, depending on the brand
Italian quality and style: original men's accessories, clothes, and shoes - below European prices. Economy and luxury - for every budget
Children and teen collections
Dolce & Gabbana
For fans of the brand-new and last year's collections, including offers at stock throwaway prices
For parents who want their child to look stylish and wear quality brands. We will help with sizes and growing-out purchases
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Only 5 channels, where we post hot deals with goods ready to be redeemed right now.
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We do a service for the individual purchase of goods, we are not an official distributor

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How to buy via Telegram?
Мы производим выкуп и отправляем
по реквизитам клиента
Like the item? Send us a message
Send a photo of the item or a screenshot to one of our handy messengers:
Send your size
You send us your measurements, or we will measure the item to make sure it fits you.
And send a confirmation.
We buy and ship,
And you become the happy owner of the Italian original brand item
Choose a Telegram Channel
For a quick channel search, select the hashtag with the brand name (for Android) or use the search box (for iOS).
We take measurements for free so the thing fits
If you are afraid that an item is undersized or oversized, we will measure it for you for free. We also show how things fit on the person
How we take measurements from your chosen model
Shipping to Ukraine
Cost from €5 and more per item.
Delivery usually takes up to 14 days, but terms may vary. Please, check with us at the time of purchase.
Shipping to Russia
Small parcel with online tracking, pick up at the post office:
● up to 1 kg - €19
2 kg - €29

Courier EMS, with online tracking, delivery to your home:
● up to 1 kg - €43
up to 3 kg - €49
delivery time - 7-15 working days
Shipping to other countries
Provided by postal services to all countries, including:
● Kazakhstan
● Turkmenistan
● Armenia
● Azerbaijan
● Israel
● Canada
● EU countries and the UK
Terms and prices depend on the chosen shipping service and its speed. Please check the information in person.
Payment methods
We work on full prepayment, including the transfer fee. This is how we maintain the trust of our distributors because we redeem 100% of the reserved items
Transfer to the bank card of Ukraine
Transfer to Russian bank card
Transfer in Euro
To European card
Pay Pal
Moneygram, Western Union, etc.
in cryptocurrency
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Are these items 100% authentic?
Yes, all items are authentic. All of our photos and videos are real, taken by us in person at boutiques, outlet stores, and wholesale warehouses.

The receipt is the main proof of authenticity and the place where your purchase was made.
If you're cooperating with us for the first time and want to be sure of the authenticity of the goods, we can provide purchase receipts from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Saint Laurent, and other boutiques after the redemption.
Can I exchange or return items? Do you send items for a fitting?
No, according to Italian law, outlets do not make refunds, only a deposit for the next purchase is possible.

An exchange is impossible because boutiques usually give 14 days if the thing does not fit - but during this period, the customer will not be able to receive the order and return it. This is why we measure things so carefully and ask for as much additional information as possible so the thing will 100% fit.
Do you have items in stock? Can you show me everything in my size?
Things are not in stock, we buy everything individually for you.
That is why - no, we cannot show you all the things in your size at once. What to do? You choose a specific item on our Telegram channel, and we check with the boutique to see if your size is available. If your size is rare, we advise you to choose several items you like! Goods are redeemed provided they are available at the time of purchase and only under the individual customer's order.
How long does it take to process my order?
We work without weekends from 9 am to 8 pm, as long as all Italian outlets and boutiques are open.
We take your order for processing within 2 hours during working hours and send a request to the desired store. No later than 24 hours, we receive confirmation of price and availability and let you know right away.
Why is my card rate different from yours?
Card payments are made according to the card rate of the issuing bank at the time of payment.

To confirm this, we give you a direct link to the official website of the bank, where you can check the rate of the card-issuing bank at the time of payment. This is the rate at which we pay for your purchases here in Italy.
What is personal video conference shopping?
It is real-time shopping with the possibility to view and "try on" things from the outlet or warehouse without leaving home. You book a convenient time and duration at least 24 hours in advance. Our buyer will contact you at the agreed time and date and show you the boutiques you are interested in.
Do I have to buy something while shopping online?
You don't have to! If you like something, you can either buy it during the videoconference or take some time to think about it. If the item will still be in stock, we can redeem it for you the next day or later.
Shopping by video
You pay only for the service, you don't have to buy anything
Duration: from 1 hour
Our employee will call you via messenger and show you live the assortment of goods in the outlet or boutique of your choice. If you wish, he/she will also show you how the clothes fit on a real person.
We invite buyers to cooperation
Confirm availability and price within 24 hours
Write to learn about our exclusive conditions.
Couldn't find what you're looking for on Telegram?Send us a picture, and we'll try to help you
Available all days of the week
From 9 am till 8 pm
Accept your order within 2 hours
Special terms and lower prices than in Ukrainian and foreign boutiques thanks to our developed network of partners.